Consumer Classroom: the Inter-School Competition 2016-2017 has been launched!

Secondary school teachers in Europe are kindly invited to collaborate with another school and create an innovative project:

Register here until 17th March 2017!

Students from both classes will be invited to share and confront their daily behavior as energy consumers in terms of mobility (e.g. their parents’ car use), heating and cooling, thermal insulation, lighting, water use (bathing, washing, and gardening), energy efficiency of household appliances and even electrical appliances (including mobile phones, headphones, tablets and computers), etc.   

Once they track their energy footprint, students of both classes would share their work and collaborate in order to create all together an Online Energy Consumption Tool Kit for Teens. This online tool should be made by the students and target the students’ concerns to help them measuring and improving their energy footprint. This is a unique chance to be creative! 

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