Extraordinary General Assembly, 24 October 2017

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – conference room Mare

Dubrovnik – Croatia

24th October 2017 – 5 pm




  1. Apologies and adoption of the agenda
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the 2017 General Assembly in Riga and 2017 Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels
  3. Opening by the President
  4. Disbandment of the RDC Professional Academic Integrity and Ethics
  5. Approval of the new RDC Teacher Education Policy
  6. Speech by Honorary Member Elizabeth Oldham
  7. Presentation of the Report of the President
  8. Presentation of the Annual Accounts by the Treasurer
  9. Presentation of the Annual Report by the EJTE Editors
  10. Presentation of the Annual Report by the WFATE President
  11. Matters arising
  12. Closure of the Extraordinary General Assembly

Ãsa Morberg

President of the ATEE