ATEE mission

The ATEE aims to enhance the quality of Teacher Education in Europe through active dialogue and international exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education.

Teacher Education implies all the activities which develop and enhance the professional competences of teachers, during initial, induction and in-service phases of their careers. Such activities could be offered by institutes for higher education, by government departments (or ministries) of education, by schools as employers of teachers, by teachers themselves and by any other commercial or non-commercial initiative.
The ATEE wants to stimulate the dialogue between teacher educators, researchers on teacher education, students, teachers, employers, politicians, inspectorate, NGOs and any other group involved in teacher education, research and innovation in (teacher) education.
International exchange is not restricted to Europe. Teacher educators in Europe can learn from each other but also from experiences, research and ideas from outside Europe. Similarly, European experience, knowledge and research can support teacher educators outside Europe in the general enhancement of the quality of teacher education throughout the world.
Research and practice can be used to raise knowledge and understanding of the most effective ways in which to educate teachers. Therefore, we try to find a fruitful combination of both research and practice, which can lead to a synthesis of both theoretical and practical knowledge.
To achieve the aim as stated in its mission statement, the ATEE tries to increase co-operation between individuals and institutes engaged in Teacher Education both inside and outside Europe. This is done by promoting international networks, such as the research and development centres, through the stimulation of joint research and by stimulating innovative approaches to teacher education.
The exchange of research and practice is facilitated by the publication of theEuropean Journal of Teacher Education and by the organisation of conferencese.g. the annual ATEE conference in August.
The Research and Development Communities (RDCs) are the core of the organisation, creating a backbone for social coherence within the association andproviding the first platform for dialogue, exchange and joint international activities between individuals and institutions.
The ATEE supports co-operation between national and international associations which are involved in teacher education.
Finally, the ATEE aims at stimulating the dialogue between teacher educators and politicians, by informing and influencing politicians at a European, national and regional level, and by engaging itself in political studies connected to the area of Teacher Education.