International Relations

The ATEE takes part in a board network of national and international institutions, associations and governmental bodies in the area of teacher quality and teacher education.

Through its memberships, the ATEE has a broad network of pre-service and in-service teacher education institutions in a wide variety of countries, covering the most of Europa and countries from outside Europe (including the United States, Australia and African countries). Next to these institutional network, the ATEE has relations through its members with national associations and organisations in the area of teacher education (e.g. the MOFET Institute in Israel, the VELON in The Netherlands, etc.).

To strengthen the voice of teacher education in the world and to stimulate exchange in the worldwide community of teacher education, the ATEE cooperates with the Association of Teacher Educators ATE in the United States, the Australian Teacher Education Association  ATEA and the African Association for Teacher Education.

The ATEE is invited by the European Commission to give the association’s view on policies concerning teacher quality and teacher education, and is a member of the Working Group on School Policy.