Winter Conferences

The winter conferences are organized by one of the Research and Development Communities of the Association. They focus on the issues studied by the respective RDC Its purpose is to discuss and deepen the topics of the RDC’s research area and to involve other experts into their reflection.


The past ATEE Winter Conferences

2014 ATEE Winter Conference – Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Education

Eötvös Loránd University
Budapest, Hungary
15-17 April 2014

The VI ATEE Winter Conference will be organised by the RDC Education for Social Justice, Equity and Diversity, the Faculty of Education and Psychology at ELTE University and the Hungarian Pedagogical Association.

The theme of this conference is Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Education.

The conference welcomes any kind of theoretical or empirical research papers related to the conference theme from different disciplines, approaches and research traditions. Participatory, collaborative or practitioner research studies are particularly welcome, as well as policy analysis.

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2013 ATEE Winter Conference – Learning & Teaching with Media & Technology

University of Genoa
Genoa, Italy
7-9 March 2013

The conference is supported by the Research and Development Community of the ATEE “Teacher Education and Information Technology”; the Department of Education at the University of Genoa, and SIREM (Italian Society for Research on Education and Media).

The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars, educators, researchers and policy makers who are interested in investigating the media and technology challenges to build and create a meaningful learning environment.

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To download the conference proceedings, click here

University of Coimbra, Portugal
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – Building 1
2-4 April 2012 

This conference is the first-ever to focus on teacher educators.  It is the result of a collaboration between the Research and Development Community of the ATEE“Professional Development of Teacher Educators”, the Mofet Institute in Tel Aviv and theUniversity of Coimbra.

During the conference, a variety of activities will take place to ensure both the exchange of academic research as well as reflection on policy and practice, such as expert keynote presentations, paper presentations of research, and sessions which share the experience of teacher educators. In addition, staff members from the Mofet Institute will give workshops about their work with teacher educators.

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ATEE Winter Conference 2011 “Multi-dimensional Aspects of Leadership for Learning”

25 February 2011

From 25 to 27 February 2011 the ATEE Research and Development Centre on Educational Leadership and Management organized the third Winter Conference.  The theme of the conference has been Multi-dimensional Aspects of Leadership for Learning.

 To download the conference proceedings, click here.

ATEE Winter Conference 2010: Early Years, Primary Education and ICT

From 26 to 28 February 2010 the Charles University hosted the second ATEE Winter conference.

The conference focusses on the theme of Early Years and Primary Education and ICT.

First class learning, first class teaching, first class teacher education:
the primacy of Early Years, Primary Education and ICT for the future of Europe

This Winter conference is a joined effort of the RDC Primary and Early Years Teacher Education and the RDC ICT in Teacher Education.

ATEE Winter Conference 2009: In-service Learning throughout the Stages of Teachers’ Careers

From 6 to 8 February 2009 ATEE’s first Winter Conference was held at Lake Garda in Italy.

Theme of the conference was

In-service Learning throughout the Stages of Teachers’ Careers.

The ATEE Winter University has the purpose of discussing and deepening the issues studied by the Research and Development Centres (RDC) of the Association. Year in, year out the RDCs may widen their research by means of specific conferences open to European and Non-European experts.